Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I try to stay awake/ And remember my name/ But everybody's changing/ And I don't feel the same.

In a parallel universe fairly close to ours, things are falling apart. And a bloke called Tom Chaplin's singing stuff that vaguely makes sense to me.

Here's something I do to keep my angst down to controllable levels: loop a single track endlessly. It becomes my Song of the Day, and acts as a theme/ counterpoint/ silly comment/ distracting thought/ antidote to whatever ails me at the moment of listening.

Does it work? But then, does anything?


lemontree said...

commenting on an old post- not sure you would check but then if most small silly things are universal you would probably get this in your inbox
so know what you mean by a song which distracts you through the day and handles your angst- last week was 'both sides now' and today it is 'underneath your clothes'
like the way u write

Lady Writer said...

Hmmm, thanks for writing anyhow. Listened to 'Underneath your clothes' non-stop a few days ago. This stuff scares me sometimes... keep thinking some 80s rubbish-pop will surface and become Song of the Day. Can you imagine 24 hours of semi-literate lyrics that rhyme?

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