Friday, November 11, 2005

Time/ Is on my side/ Yes, it is.

Notable sense of humour, mine. Especially since I've just realised the truckloads of things I haven't yet done. (And the thimbleful that I have.)

Stuff to do immediately.
1. Start a book. Writing, as opposed to reading, that is.
2. Get a dog.
3. Get a grip. (Hah!)

Stuff to do soonish.
1. Write for a travel magazine.
2. Do the film appreciation course at FTII.
3. Study something. Film, literature, anything.
4. Learn something unconnected with my life: a new language, a musical instrument, scuba diving, whatever. Just something irrelevant that I haven’t done yet in these 33 years.

Stuff to do before I pop it.
1. Work for Discovery/ NatGeo.
2. Assist on a feature film.
3. Teach literature in college.
4. Work backstage with a theatre group or a band.
5. Run a kennel.
6. Wait tables in a shack in Goa.
7. Do a month-long meditation camp in Dharamsala.

Stuff I've done and forgotten about, but shouldn't have.
1. Dogsitting.
2. Working with an animal welfare thingie.


Anonymous said...
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that girl in pink said...

hey! didja get a dog?

Lady Writer said...

Dear Pink:
To quote Shanghai Knights, "What in our history together makes you think I’m capable of something like that?" Said I'd do it immediately, so give me a few months :)

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