Saturday, November 04, 2006

Oh no, not me/ We never lost control.

The only Nirvana track that truly got to me was The Man Who Sold The World, and that's probably because it was a cover. Otherwise I'm fairly cold to Kurt Cobain, in a way that makes me quite an exception from the rest of my generation.

Was quite intrigued by the suicide, though. The note's below. (Click here if you'd like to read it yourself.) Addressed to his imaginary childhood friend, Boddah. Quoting Neil Young. Mentioning Freddie Mercury. Apologising, describing, making one last attempt to make sense.

Was strangely intrigued by it. ( After all, how many suicide notes does one read? Not many, I hope.)

Was equally drawn to the (many) surrounding versions of the truth. For instance, the Conspiracy. (Reason to believe? It's written by a private investiagator.) And the Reasonable Approach. (Reason to believe? Well, it's reasonable, isn't it?) And the Plea for Justice.

The newest version of his last days is a movie, apparently. Not the first. And, one can safely assume, unlikely to be the last.
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