Thursday, July 06, 2006

This could be heaven/ For everyone.

My mind has always been chockfull of obscure lyrics collected over the past 34 years. Post titles have been the only vaguely useful application of the stuff. So sue me, much of these lyric fragments date back to the dregs of 80s pop.

Imagine my utter delight when I found One Hit Wonders. Complete with radio station. Hence the title, cogged from Queen.


n said...

very happy to see the profile changed :). and your comments about Rooney et al. See, our home country will win, and then we shall have reason to go across next year and congratulate them.
Just went thru our holiday pix, and felt all nostalgic and all the things one is supposed to feel going thru old pix :)
Also felt that just having a friend like you even though you are not in the same city anymore is a blessing that I have been very lucky to have. I know many people who don't have even this. So in this old age am getting all senti about it. Started reading Norwegian Wood, and am completely hooked.
Whats your view on the mountain holiday ? LEts start planning it so we get good deals. Then I can do my dharamshala Vipassana and the holiday as conclusion of the larger meditation holiday :)
what say :)
And why you being rude about Ballack, huh huh !!!
Hope they win today.

Lady Writer said...

Notre homeland is all very well, but I think we should do England instead... Would be nice to trek around a foreign country without murdering their language :) And I really, really miss having my closest friends in the same city. But I guess that's how Airtel will make its millions... on our STD calls!

numb said...

why no report on the final ?

Lady Writer said...

Too distraught :)

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