Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Meet me halfway/ Across the sky.

The world is squarely divided into two kinds of women: The kind who beg the men in their lives to be more communicative. And those that know better.

This is the tragic fate of a poor bloke named Joseph Dobbie (Romeo), who met a girl called Kate Winsall (Juliet), and, being in touch with his articulate, communicative self, dashed this email off. Needless to say, it's a romantic missive that Juliet sent on to her sister, who sent it to all her friends, who... Oh, you know how it is; it's now been forwarded across the planet.

The result? Not only has poor Romeo been forced to change his home and mobile phone numbers, he also has to listen to the world at large sympathise/ criticise/ die laughing at him.

Beware the power of the net. Really.


Anonymous said...

Why no entries of late?

Anonymous said...

retired? on holiday? upset?

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