Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'll meet you on the other side/ I'll meet you in the light.

Think of it as blogging detox, but it's been almost two whole months since I fired up Blogger.

Highlights and lowlights of the stuff I did in the interim: Fell madly in love with Lush. Went to Goa. Read my first Zadie Smith.

Worried about my wrinkles and falling hair, thereby compounding the problem.

Saw KANK and Lage Raho Munnabhai. And RDB, Fanaa, and Bunty aur Babli, thus topping up my sadly-lacking Bollywood IQ.

Decided to take a sabbatical next year. Hennaed my hair (allegedly) black. Dog-sat. Watched Arsenal decimate Manchester United.

Acquired a set-top box, thus becoming the only person in the known universe to buy two of those in a two-year span. Renewed my car insurance, and swore to get my finances/ payments/ life in order.

Gave up on the Indian team for the zillionth time, even though they beat the West Indies quite bizarrely just a little while ago.

Listened almost exclusively to Travis, Keane, Oasis, and Coldplay on Pandora. Bunked work for a couple of days, realised it was almost blissful, and decided I hate my new job. Will be rectifying that situation pretty soon.

Bravely and single-handedly made huge contributions to Vijay Mallya's personal wealth. (He's seriously considering replacing the illustration of the bird on the bottle with my mug shot.)

The other stuff's either so boring, I don't remember it. Or so depressing, I'd rather not write about it.


Anonymous said...

at lastttttt!!! good 2 have u back :)

Lady Writer said...

Good to be back. (I think!)

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