Tuesday, April 03, 2007

'Cause we could be lifted/ Lifted.

Four months since my last post. And, in a desperate attempt to refute my usual plus-ca-change attitude, here's a list of the handful of things that have, indeed, changed my life since December.

1. Went to the Bangalore Passport Office and stood in long, winding lines half a dozen times.

Encountered many Passport Office people, all surly and unhelpful, except for the Passport Officer. Cannot imagine why the Government cannot take advantage of the huge workforce available to them, and hire a few normal human beings instead of those obviously visiting from another planet.

Passport Office people from other worlds. Oh, the irony.

2. Discovered and visited my nearest Police Station, where obese officers of the law made me look through box files to locate my own paperwork. While they leched and smile widely.

3. Got my first stitches ever, when I fell and cut my hand. Resulted in a tiny-but-fairly-sexy scar on the inside of my right wrist.

At least, I think it's sexy. Must be a throwback to all the times I've insisted that the only glamorous way to snuff yourself out is to slit your wrists.

That was/ is/ always will be a joke. I fully intend to live much longer than I should, and that's the reason why I shop as much as I do.

4. Went to Goa twice, and Madras, KL, and Bangkok once each.

Discovered nothing. Shopped a bit. And had the singularly gross misfortune of having a migraine attack in a foreign airport while travelling alone.

5. Turned 35, and plunged headfirst into middle age, only to discover I'm still firmly in possession of the two-and-a-half qualities that define me: a vicious sense of humour, an escapist reliance on the sunny side of life, a deep and abiding love for dogs and travel and books, and a pathetic handle on money.

Oh, and some issues with arithmetic.

6. Acquired an iPod and a Nokia 6300, both of which I love to pieces. (And, yes, I lost another phone. )

7. Decided to rejig my sporting beliefs a bit:

a. Like Thierry Henry, I, too, will miss the rest of the EPL season due to injury. Shall enjoy what remains of The Season of Man U, and start again in July.

b. For the rest of this World Cup, I shall adopt the BLACKCAPS as my team.

c. Lewis Hamilton is undeniably cute. And British.

8. Read some fabulous books, including, but not restricted to The Robber Bride, Sacred Games, and House of Leaves.

9. Made my first (and last) Page 3 appearance, thanks to being at a reading of a book which I hadn't/ still haven't read.

What I have read is Kiran Desai's earlier novel, which I didn't like at all. (Salman Rushdie did.)


End of list!


Anonymous said...

Thought you believed "pods are for peas" ?!

Lady Writer said...

I don't know what's worse: to never be quoted, or to have yourself quoted back at you. Correctly.

How've you been?

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