Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Everywhere you go/ You always take the weather with you.

Why is it that for the first thirty years of my life, I was perfectly immune to the weather? Sure, I took note of climatic changes, but those were mostly from a clothing point of view.

The weather outside my window had little/ no bearing on my frame of mind, choice of city to live in, productivity, or patience.

If you imagine this newfound weather sensitivity has anything to do with idyllic weather in my formative years, let me clarify that I spent twenty-eight of those years in a city characterised by muggy summers, heavy monsoons, and stunningly high levels of pollution.

First, I moved to Bangalore, where I proceeded to freeze my ass off for three-quarters of the year. Then, to Madras, where I let the heat take over my life. It dictated every single aspect of it, including all aspects of social activity. I spent over a year where, not once, not for one single moment, was I in a place where (I felt) the temperature was perfect. It was always either too hot or too cold. Now, I'm back in Bangalore, where along with everything else, the weather has gone downhill, too.

Suspect it's my over-sensitivity to the weather that makes me feel like this. Can't bear the thought that I'll have to go through the rest of my life compromising about the temperature.


Anonymous said...

really randomly meandered onto your site... but this post reminded me of certain The Shins lyrics that may or may not have anything to do with what you've written and thought id share...

Hold your glass up, hold it in
Never betray the way you've always known it is
One day I'll be wondering how
I got so old just wondering how
I never got cold wearing nothing in the snow

Lady Writer said...

It's a luscious mix of words and tricks...

Thanks for dropping by.

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