Friday, February 10, 2006

It's the end of the world as we know it/ And I feel fine.

What's amazing isn't one's ability to go through something and survive. The truly stupendous thing is the fact that we forget. Maybe we spend time shutting it out, erasing the details, trying very, very hard to re-wallpaper that part of our minds. Or perhaps that is the way of human life. But forget we do.

Forget all the things that were supposed to keep you from this very place, this very time, this very dilemma. Forget the promises you made yourself (and others, but hey, you forgot.) Forget the assortment of things that have gone such a long way to making you who you are today.

So it is that only the worst parts of history are condemned to repeat themselves: in war, if you're looking at the larger picture; and in love, if you're not.


Anonymous said...

Seeing the larger picture helps you program your internal GPRS system so that it does not lose its way in the journey towards the big picture. Maybe you do travel down familiar paths, face familiar obstacles, but you do get there. Only, if you can see the big picture.So forget about all that you forgot. Just remember your destination.

Anonymous said...

seems to me you're being pretty hard on yourself for being human. you may be right, but whatver happened to ignoring good sense coz it feels right?

Anonymous said...

u're beautiful. isn't that enough?

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