Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sometimes I think I'm the only cab on the road.

All my life, I've had a clearer picture of what I didn't want, rather than what I did. (Not that it's had the slightest impact on the actual course of things.)

As a fledgling advertising writer, I looked at the many single, older women around me, and swore I would never follow that path. The singleness I had (have) nothing against; it was the accompanying trappings that sent a shiver down my spine. Thus was born the Older-Single-Women-In-Advertising Phobia, though I'm sure it applies equally well to other professions.

It's been many years since I warned friends and family to slap me if I did even one of the following: 1. Abandon my advertising skills for PR activity. 2. Let vanity/ insecurity run my life. 3. Spend far too much on dressing far too young. 4. Be deluded/ removed from reality/ easily flattered. 5. Depend on alcohol/ New Age stuff like yoga and reiki/ going out every night/ shopping/ boys (alright, younger men) for my happiness. 6. Become crap at my work.

No slap as yet.

And I'm not quite sure if it's honesty. Or kindness.


Anonymous said...

u of all ppl shouldn't worry abt age

Lady Writer said...

Thank you, Anonymous, may your tribe increase. (See how easily I succumb to flattery?) :)

Anonymous said...

Agree with you completely. Terrified of being like that. And you can add art of living to the new age list.

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