Tuesday, February 21, 2006

These foolish games/ Are tearing me apart.

If playing games inside your head were a sport, I'd be an Olympic medallist. Truly.

To keep my mind off my career going downhill, I distract myself with relationships. To stop getting depressed about relationships going, coincidentally, nowhere, I make my way towards writing. To duck getting suicidal about writing, I try to cheer myself up by blogging.

In the midst of this idiotic haring around 24/ 7 trying to use up energy that will otherwise be spent on unhappiness, I find myself wondering, what the f*k is the point?

What's the point if every single thing in your life is a temporary distraction from the previous one? What's the point if nothing keeps you afloat for longer than a day, a week, a month, at best? What's the point if you keep abandoning one meaningful thing after another and another and another?

What are you left with? And is this the way life was meant to be?

Somehow, I seriously doubt it.


Anonymous said...

i find that distracting urself is actually good coz it keeps you from getting too stuck on one thing. maybe if u see it as positive..

Anonymous said...

what you need is a looong,snug hug and truckloads of TLC , especially from yourself.shut the world out and relax babe.

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