Monday, March 06, 2006

Even flow/ Thoughts arrive like butterflies.

Would you rather be happy than right? And, if it makes you happy, can it also be (with apologies to Sheryl Crow) 'that bad'?

Does watching a movie on DVD corrupt the 70 mm experience?

Is intellectual cheating cheating? And is it better, or worse, than the other kind?

Why is it easier to deal with people who are bad to the bone than those who are only mean/ hurtful/ evil occasionally?

Do predictable people think predictability is a good thing? Or is it that a sentiment only appreciated from the outside?

If everything changes, why do we spend time/ effort/ energy/ imagination chasing different kinds of permanence?

And, finally, an answer: The reason I keep seeking clarity in life/ work/ relationships is that I got handed more than my fair share of questions at the door.

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