Thursday, March 02, 2006

It's a black fly/ In your Chardonnay.

Been down and depressed long enough to appreciate a few things that make the downward spiral fractionally, infinitesmally better:
1. Alanis Morissette, especially the first two albums. If angst had a voice, it would be hers -- nasal, relentless, anguished. Not only is she pissed about things, but she's going to sing loudly and vividly about them till the cows come home. I like.
2. Kafka. So you think your life's pointless and meaningless? Meet K. Sublime.
3. Chocolate. Trite, but oh so true. Preferably KitKat Chunky or Flake, but regular milk chocolate in somewhat melted condition works well, too.
4. Alcohol. A Breezer or three, or a vodka-and-Red-Bull. My Alkiegirl side approves.
5. The Bell Jar. It might be your life, but Plath got there first.


Anonymous said...

No update in a while... Are you over you angst? Or under it? Satisfy my curiosity, will you? At least. So long, beautiful.

Lady Writer said...

Not over my angst by a long, long shot. If anything, it's worse, which probably explains the lack of blogging for some time.

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