Monday, June 12, 2006

And we live in a beautiful world/ Yeah, we do, yeah, we do.

Things I've done in the weeks since I moved back to Bangalore in lieu of posting to this blog:

1. Well and truly worked myself up about the World Cup. Now all is done: there's a Come on, England wallpaper on my computer, but my money's firmly on the Brazilians (with a teeny, tiny, dark horse bet on France, out of sheer love/ loyalty to Thierry Henry).

2. Fretted and fumed about losing hair. And died laughing at some of the solutions I've tried so far. Ranging from a month of Vitamin B supplements, prescribed by none other than my hair stylist; to a suspiciously Vicco Turmeric-like hair loss cream from Himalaya.

3. Cribbed about traffic in Bangalore, and generally told everyone I met that the city had gone down the toilet since I was last here. Never mind that I've only been away a year and a half.

4. Read a paragraph or two of my current book every spare second I could find. Football has, unfortunately, relegated my compulsive reading to second place, and I find myself dipping into Saturday the second the half-time whistle goes. I'm quite certain that I'm doing the brilliant Ian McEwan a tremendous disservice, but, hey, a girl will do what she must.

5. Begun to reclaim this city, one beer at a time.

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