Friday, June 23, 2006

A little too ironic.

It's awards season in the advertising business. And I've just realised, that it's now two agencies that I've quit just when their fortunes turned the corner. No regrets, both times. But it certainly got me thinking.

The first of these places taught me everything I know about advertising: the art, the craft, the drinking-and-swearing. Taught me to respect work, not people. Compete, not be cowed down. Sheer, complete, utter fearlessness. And ruthlessness. Made me a damn good advertising person. And a slightly f*ked up human being.

The second was a lesson in what I don't like about this business. Visiting cards vs. intelligence. Egotism vs. understanding. Gutlessness. Mediocrity. 24/ 7 game-playing. And a focus on everything but the work. Got out of there as soon as I could.

They're doing well, both agencies. Making ads. Winning metal. Building reputations.

But the grass isn't greener. Ever.


Jacob said...

a damn good advertising person. And a slightly f*ked up human being.

arn't we all? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Indian agencies at cannes are like refugees gathered at the food counter. They're ecstatic about the crumbs they get but forget all about how they became refugees or why they're getting only the crumbs.

Lady Writer said...

More crumbs than last year, at least. And some on ads that we've actually seen ;)

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