Saturday, June 17, 2006

People will always/ Take the long way around.

Heart-broken about Drogba & Co. The Dutch were brutish (with the exception of Van Persie, for which we have to thank M. Wenger), and were under great pressure the second half. Stupid refereeing hardly helped. Neither does the fact that Drogba will be sitting out their next match.

Argentina was stunning. Fluid, artistic, and effortless in their Serbian massacre. Joga bonito, baby.

At least the English are through to the pre-quarters. Barely, to be sure, but that's a few zillion times better than the French. Les Bleus, like me, are not handling this age thing too well. However, unlike me, they insist on putting themselves and their country to shame by pottering around a football pitch cluelessly in front of thousands of fans. Their key weapon isn't Zizou, Henry, or Ribery, it's plain and simple boredom. And I can't even blame it all on Domenech.

So here we are, a week away from the Round of 16. And, if you're still having trouble getting into the World Cup mood, being a die-hard cricket fan, for instance, or perhaps, just blinkered -- here's a little help from the BBC.

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Anonymous said...

yeah but ghana made up for ivory coast... essien for drogba!

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